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Further details & purchase options (a division of PSC) is an authorized distributor of Tectyl Industrial products manufactured by Daubert Chemical Company. For more than 75 years Tectyl protective coatings have proven to be the gold standard for trusted rust prevention around the world. Tectyl protective coatings exhibit strong adhesive properties with metal surfaces, which is a process that allows them to form an active polar binded rust preventive barrier. Tectyl products are designed for temporary or long lasting protection both for the indoors and outdoors. Originally used during World War II to protect battle vehicles against sea salt Tectyl rust preventatives are engineered to help metal surfaces resist the effects of salt spray, moisture, and other varieties of damaging corrosives. Tectyl coatings perform to the standards of the U.S. Military (Mil Spec) and many are used in general industrial applications.

If you are searching for top of the line rust preventatives then become a part of the historic Tectyl legacy today. For purchase information on Tectyl Mil-Spec rust inhibitor and corrosion prevention products please, click here.
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